Som Comunitat Energètica

Generation of a knowledge base for the entire Catalan territory, from metropolitan areas to micro-towns, which allows uncovering the potential for the creation of energy communities and the advantages they bring at a social level – greater cohesion and empowerment -, economic – lower cost energy- and environmental -reduction of consumption and decarbonisation-. Aware of the danger that the transition occurs on the basis of inequality, the differential premise is the inclusion of the entire built-up fabric of towns and cities, avoiding that, once again, the most vulnerable sectors are left out of the process.

Specific services

  • Generation of a knowledge base that encompasses the whole of the territory of Catalonias
  • Facilitate planning at the municipal level for the creation of a local network of energy communities from the perspective of inclusion and solidarity
  • Provide the technical bases to market entities and companies for the rapid and large-scale implementation of energy community projects
  • Advice on the formation of energy communities
  • Digitization of access to information