Cohabitation #1


Authors: Cíclica [space, community & ecology] and Gustavo Silva-Nicoletti

Members of Cíclica: Joaquim Arcas (coordinator), Marina Casals

Client: Private

Area: 115m2

Project Year: 2011




This project is the conversion of a single-family home to a two-family home. The home has a combination of private, independent spaces as well as shared spaces. Rooms such as the living room, dining room, kitchen space, bathrooms, and single and double rooms are multiplied by two and are the private spaces, while the office, library, TV room, general storage room, laundry room, and clothes drying space is shared between the inhabitants of the house.

It is an example of controlled densification of a typically underutilized residential neighbourhood with an unbalanced ratio of available space to amount of space occupants require for their respective activities. Therefore, the project demonstrates how to approach the serious dilemma of inefficient urban networks with extremely costly material resources in order to provide decent urban liveability with minimal urban amenities and services.

Beyond the programmatic solution, the project is also an opportunity to give a constructive solution to the objective of obtaining a better energy efficiency and an improved water cycle. It introduces an insulation level greater than normally required and creates a rainwater catchment and storage system to be used for domestic and horticultural uses.


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