Cohabitation #3


Authors: Cíclica [space·community·ecology], CAVAA

Members of Cíclica: Joaquim Arcas (coordinator), Adrià Martín

Client: Private

Area: 210m2

Project Year: 2015-2016

The objective of this project is to remodel an existing house, currently occupied by the client’s parents, to be passed on to the client and the client’s two daughters. In order for the existing spaces to maintain its sizes and separation, the new spaces will be located on the second floor which is currently used as a small studio and a storage space. To achieve this, the existing roof will be renovated to have the appropriate openings and the necessary exterior spaces that guarantee that the sunlight entering the east and west elevations and the view towards the Collserola Mountains will be the driving element in the new spaces. It will primarily impact the southern slope of the roof, significantly altering its form in order to open the interior towards the light and the landscape.
The project positively considers the existing spatial conditions of the house with a roof slanting in two to three directions, yet seeks to enhance this pre-existing condition. Thus the composition of the interior and exterior spaces continuously interacts with the form of the roof. At the same time, the functional organization in plan and the arrangement of the furniture take advantage of the spatial richness of the house.
In order to guarantee a degree of independence between the mother and the children, the individual spaces (studios, bathrooms, and rooms) are located on opposite sides of the house. The access to each floor will be remain in a central point as it is currently, although a last section of the stairs will be rebuilt to open a new patio that allows light to enter into the building.


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