COMPAS. Community energy passport


Authors: Cíclica [space·community·ecology]

Members of Cíclica: Joaquim Arcas (coordinator), Adrià Martín

Client: Aracoop, Department of Labor, Social Affairs and Families of the Government of Catalonia

Funding: Ministry of Public Works of the Government of Spain

Project year: 2019

The com-pas or Passport is a tool that aims to accelerate the deep renovation of our residential park. It is about the development of a planning document that becomes a roadmap to carry out deep renovations in stages, which not only consider the characteristics of the building, but focus on the people who inhabit them and on the particular conditions of the environment where the building is located at a social, economic, legal and political level.

This document has an important background in France, Belgium, Germany and Denmark. The proposal of Cíclica is to transpose and implement the figure of the Building Renovation Passport in Catalonia and the Spanish state, taking advantage of the know-how generated by European experiences, introducing the urban and community dimension, understood as the role of the building units superior to the building and as the role of people who, through their lifestyles, determine the consumption of resources.

The final objective is to make the renovation of the residential park effective, both at the scale of the renovation, with rates of consumption reduction per building of between 80 and 95%, as well as the scope of the renovation, with annual rehabilitation rates greater than 3% of all buildings.

Project developed in the framework of the program singular projects of the aracoop initiative (Department of Labor, Social Affairs and Families of the Government of Catalonia), a program of public-private cooperation, promoted by the Government of Catalonia that aims to promote the social and cooperative economy.




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