Energy renovation strategy of the residential stock of Menorca


Authorship: Cíclica [space·community·ecology]

Coordination:Cíclica [space·community·ecology]

Members of Cíclica: Joaquim Arcas-Abella | Coordinador, Ander Bilbao Figuero, Guillem Herrera Masabeu, Teresa Monzó Fita, Laia Cunill Aragonès Promotor: Consell Insular de Menorca

Year of the project: 2020


The project arises from the willingness of the Consell Insular de Menorca to carry out an exploratory study to uncover the potential for improving habitability and reducing the environmental impact linked to the process of urban regeneration in the residential sector of the island.


The main objective is, on the basis of an in-depth diagnosis of Menorca’s housing stock, to develop an open tool that defines the intervention roadmap to 2030 and supports the drafting of the pipeline for the implementation of the Europace programme.


The methodology used, based on the urbanZEB tool, allows an energy simulation and economic characterisation of the 50,647 dwellings in the area. This large-scale diagnosis forms the first database, on the basis of which the distribution of Menorca’s dwellings into packages with similar characteristics is carried out, following the logic used in the ERESEE 2020. These packages of dwellings allow the roadmap to 2030 to be drawn up and the rehabilitation path to be defined according to the characteristics and criteria defined by the CIME. As a final product of the work, a tool is developed to define the energy impact (savings in heating consumption) as well as the economic impact (cost of refurbishment intervention and equipment), based on the prioritisation criteria introduced.


The results of the study, in database and report format, are grouped into 3 levels according to their level of complexity and relevance:

  1. Diagnostic indicators of the building stock per dwelling:
    • architectural indicators
    • 8 energy indicators
    • 6 economic indicators
  2. Database of the building stock:
    • Database by reference
    • Database by housing package
  3. Support tool for the Europace programme in excel format:
    • Current consumption and calculated energy savings for each cluster
    • Current consumption and calculated energy savings for each municipality
    • Calculated envelope intervention cost (PEM) for each cluster
    • Equipment intervention cost calculated for each Cluster
    • Calculated envelope intervention cost (PEM) for each municipality
    • Equipment intervention cost calculated for each municipality
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