Energy transition project in the municipality of Viladecans


Authorship: Cíclica [space·community·ecology]

Coordination: Mariona Alcaraz, Marta Serra, Anaïs Bas | Cíclica [space·community·ecology]

Members of Cíclica: Marta Melo, Marta Ferrer, Carlos Dávila, Albert Valencia, Carlos Cámara, Adrià Martin, Mar Esteve

Project members: ICAEN, Agència d’Ecologia Urbana de Barcelona, Associació Lima, Ajuntament de Viladecans, Cercle Gespromat, EGM Estalvi & Eficiència Energètica, Ubiquat Tecnologies, i les empreses municipals VIGEM i VIMED

Promoter: Ajuntament de Viladecans

Funding:UIA (Urban Innovative Actions)

Project year: 2016-2020

Proyect website


Vilawatt – Innovative local public-private-citizen partnership for energy governance is an energy transition project developed in the city of Viladecans, with funding from the European Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) program.

Viladecans was selected by the European Union to promote a pioneering project of energy transition from the cities, the Vilawatt, with special emphasis on its innovative, participatory and community character.

The project was one of 18 projects selected from 378 proposals submitted in the first call of the initiative. The Paris (France) and Gothenburg (Sweden) projects were also selected for the energy transition.

The project is led by the City of Viladecans and has the participation of eight other partner companies: ICAEN, Barcelona Urban Ecology Agency, Lima Association, Viladecans City Council, Cercle Gespromat, EGM Estalvi & Eficiència Energètica,  Ubiquat Tecnologies, and the municipal companies VIGEM and VIMED


The project proposes the creation of a new public-private-citizen structure formed by the City Council, companies and professionals in the sector and citizens. This structure, in the form of a Consortium, acts as an integral energy operator in order to achieve more efficient energy management.

The project offers three services: investments in energy efficiency, green energy trade and the promotion of an energy culture. It focuses on optimizing energy consumption and increasing the comfort of buildings, with special emphasis on the activation of processes that allow for deep energy renewals in the buildings of the municipality.


Cíclica’s main task is in the field of energy culture, through three lines of work:

– The Strategic Participation Plan establishes a methodology to guide the working process between technical agents of the project and social agents (citizens, shops, schools, politicians, companies, professionals, etc.). The plan – presented together with the Corporate Communication and International Relations Service of the City Council of Viladecans- was validated with the entities and the neighbourhood of the district.

– Working with neighbourhood communities in Viladecans to identify and promote triggers that motivate an individual and collective learning process that contributes to changing habits and behaviors in energy management in residential buildings, as well as in promoting deep energy renewals, in order to have a positive impact on optimizing final consumption and improving comfort.

– Work with schools in Viladecans, in order to involve workers and users of public facilities in improving the energy management of buildings. The aim of the project is to guide and accompany the teams of the centres in the implementation of measures to find the optimal use of spaces and facilitate the integration of habits in the culture of each organization in order to meet the needs and conditions of comfort of each centre with the optimum energy consumption.


  • Creation of a guide for teachers, which includes the objectives and curricular contents, pedagogical orientations, glossary, the structure of the teaching sheets and the content of the theoretical framework of the student’s own sheets.
  • Creation of a guide for students with teaching sheets.
  • Accompaniment sessions in the teaching staff and in the classroom for teachers and students.
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